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It’s one of the best feelings when we bring home a puppy that is going to stay with us under a roof and we being their ultimate parents possess all the sorts of responsibilities about their growth and better health.

Bringing home a puppy feels great, but along with that, it comes with some big challenges that one has to face. Adopting a puppy is similar to adopting a human’s baby and taking care of it.

The foremost and one of the biggest tasks that one has to face is to make the puppy learn how to develop the habit of doing potty, at the right time and most importantly at the right place that is the dog potty training. This blog is going to give you some amazing house training, dog potty training tips. 


  • Let him get used to his new home: Since it’s his new home, let him more around the house and make him see every corner of the home. This is essential when it comes to dog potty training because the dog should feel like home and be comfortable in the new place. Let him settle and build trust in his new parents who are going to take care of him from now onwards.


  •  Regular and on-time feeding: Yes it’s crucial just as we humans eat our meals on time make a proper meal schedule for your dog as well. This will develop a habit in him. Since your dog should get the habit of eating his food at the right time so that his internal system works more productively and get habitual of digesting the food on time! So punctuality is the key.


  • Make the dog learn potty cue: Take your dog on a scheduled walk, most importantly twice a day. Basically in the morning and the other walk at night. This schedule walk will make him learn that he is supposed to poop outside the home. Make him develop a habit of pooping at the time when you take him for a walk. Also, teach your dog to bark as a symbol that will indicate that he wants to poop. This dog potty training tip will save your house from being a stinky mess. 


  • Specific potty zone: Pooping on a familiar place will make it easy for your dog to complete his task on time. So it very crucial that the dog owner should not switch their dog’s potty zone again and again. Let them recognize and get used to about the place where they are supposed to potty. Also, don’t continue walking and learn to recognize the indication that your dog is giving to you. If your dog slows down while walking, that shows that he is urging to pee or poop right there.


  • Treat your puppy on time: The way bonuses and increments in our salary keep us motivated towards our job similarly, your dog needs to get rewarded the moment they poop outside your home and take a step ahead to let your house be clean. This is an essential point. Now the point to remember is that reward the puppy right there when he did something good while on a walk. Don’t wait to bring him back him and then giving him a treat. This will make your dog recognize what is good and what is bad, and what else similar he is supposed to do to get rewarded again and again.


  • Be specific with your word command: Yes, he is not a human that will understand your new words. So stick to your few specific words like ‘GO’, ‘SIT’, ‘COME’, and many more. Make him recognize your voice and learn what that specific command means. This will avoid confusion for him and will make him being a good, well-behaved dog.


  • Politely address the mistakes: Your dog needs to learn what is right and what is wrong. It’s on the part of the dog’s owner to rebuke the dog calmly whenever he encounters any mistake or blunder. Ignoring his mistakes might end up giving you a big problem, also he would be used to doing that same wrongful act again and again. So try to generously stop your dog right when he does something wrong.


  • Introduce and prepare your puppy to different places:  It point is also important when it comes to dog potty training. You will surely take your dog to different places like for say at your friend’s house or your relative’s house, what your duty is, to keep an eye on your pet and make him behave properly when you take him to different places. He might sniff around there and feels like peeing or pooping over there, you should teach him how to overcome that situation and to indicate through braking.


  • Keep your pet hydrated: Just like our body is filled with 70%-80% water, the same goes with the dogs, may the ratio get modify but indeed he needs water to get his junk out of his body properly. Lack of water intake might make your dog feel discomfort or pain while he poops so make sure to always make his water container neat and clean and that container should we filled with the drinking water. Remind your dog to drink water on time, this will build a good habit in him.


  • Train your dog how to behave when you are away: Ok so let’s be practical, not always you and your member of the family are going to stay at home with your puppy. You and they will someday or another step out of the home. What will happen when he will be home alone? You need to train him that! Train your dog not to pee or poop on the carpet in your absence. Make him aware of the alternate section or place that you have arranged for him to poop or pee. Take him to that place again and again so that he will get used to that. This will help him to learn where he is supposed to pee when you are not home.   


We hope that this blog will help you a lot while giving your dog the potty training. Let us know through the comments section your views and thoughts related to this blog. Thanks and stay connected.

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