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5 Ways to Put Your Dog to Sleep on Weekends

By Raiyan Gehlot February 03, 2020 0 comments

It’s a weekend and you have something important to attend- stay on the bed longer and make the best use of it- you deserve it after a long and tiring week at work and meeting all you must-dos. It is almost a nightmare to realize of going to sleep realizing of being waked up early on an eligible lazy morning. You are in no terms to ruin your weekend morning sleep.

All you pet lovers must have been up early in the morning –perhaps most of them, to be exact- all the time every time! Not any more lined below are 5 ways to put your dog sleep on weekends.

Want to rule out the chance being woke up by your lovely canine moaning to attend to its natures call or telling you that he is hungry than ever all on a weekend morning, you have landed at the right place:

Stay tuned and glued to the tips below:

Give him a late evening.

The reason why you want to sleep more can be put in to see that your pup to wants a late morning. Engage him for a late night activity – what more? Turn on his favorite TV show and let it do the taking. A late-night may encourage your pup to sleep a little more than usual. This will give you that extra bit of sleep on a weekend morning that you want very badly.

There can be a lot of ways to make it a long day for him. If you have a pet allowed outing the previous night let him hop in! Let it entertain him and drain him that he rightly decides to wake up late and maybe yes! Know the reason why you want to be in bed too.

Being given that thread to way to put your dog sleep on weekends, you know your pet the best. 

Break the Rule!

Break the schedule. Break that dinner rule timetables. Pushing your dog’s feeding schedule by an hour and a half on the previous night can help you enjoy a late morning. By offering a late meal in the night than usual can make your dog to sleep late. It’s often a hungry dog that turns you up in the morning and if it is fed late it is probably not too hungry to wake you up early. 

  • Feeding him with his favorite meal for the dinner can help induce contented and long sleep
  • the larger quantity than usual on a previous night that can give a good and long sleep

These are ideal ways to put your dog sleep on weekends. That will benefit you. 

The breakfast time

Set it right with breakfast time. This is one on ways to put your dog sleep on weekends. The moment it wakes up doesn’t offer breakfast. Delay the morning breakfast by 15 minutes and gradually set a routine as to offer the breakfast a little late. Let there be a good 30-minute gap when he wakes you up and the breakfast is offered.

Give your dog some good time in the morning with you, playing or cuddling and keep him busy and unintentionally delay his breakfast by a good time. This is a good way to increase the time and it becomes learning for him not to wake you up for food. 

Few activities that can be effectively put to use to delay the breakfast without putting your pup restless:

  • Exercise – encourage your dog to exercise with you.
  • Go out on a short walk with your dog
  • Fetch the ball – do fetch the ball  game 

These are ways to keep him busy with you and not to think about breakfast as the first thing. Gradually he learns that it is not for the breakfast that he has to wake you up and you can cash it on a weekend morning.

Invest in an indoor pet loo

An indoor pet loo can come into rescue. These indoor pet loo are ideals for apartments. As an owner of puppies, these indoor loo’s can be a good investment. Get one and train your pet to use it, so it can use it when it needs under conditions when you are not available.  So it won’t be any more when your pet turns out to be your morning alarm and then helps itself with nature’s call. Isn’t it one of the ideal ways to put your dog sleep on weekends?

Set it right

A cozy place and a perfect atmosphere to sleep can actually help the dog get a larger share of sleep. Below are some really cool point that you will want to invest and are ways to put your dog sleep on weekends – all to enjoy a late weekend morning.

  • Set its bed in a dark room-invest in the best of the curtains and widow shields and make it sure to keep the room darker, this will make you canine sleep longer. 
  • Make a comfortable cozy bed- let the comforts of the bed make it stay more on the need. There are so many bedding that can offer more comforts and there by keeping it on the bed for a longer time. 
  • No sound please-Make sure there are no sounds early in the morning so that it wakes up your sound sensitive pet.
  • Lullaby music-Set the timers to a soft ambient music in the morning and let it rock it back to sleep.
  • The temperatures-Keep the temperatures adjusted – adjust the room temperatures like that one your dog would love to sleep in.

And you know it the best! You will know what will work the best with your canine. One or the combinations of the above idea can bring in the desired results that you are looking forward on a weekend morning! Using it well and wisely can pull a big worry and you can go to bed all relaxed and enjoy a long sleep and a late morning without putting your best pet in distress. These can be fun engaging and are result oriented. You will no longer need to ruin your weekend morning and this way both of you will enjoy great weekend morning! Try it out and benefit from these ways to put your dog sleep on weekends.



















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