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All Natural Product

Say Hello to a Healthy, Shiny Coat

Don’t worry about your pet’s dull coat. Pro Pet Works will transform your four-legged friend’s fur,
making it look healthy and beautiful.

No More Dry and Itchy Skin

Your pet doesn’t have to suffer from skin allergies. The soothing ingredients in Pro Pet Works will
provide some much-needed relief.

All Natural, Non-Toxic Product with Amazing Benefits for Your Pet

Don't make your pet wait for these amazing benefits! Order Now!

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Made of All Natural Ingredients

Avoid the plethora of toxic products. Instead, choose Pro Pet Works. This non-toxic shampoo is made of organic ingredients you can trust.

Pet Approved

The most important thing about any pet product is how your fur baby feels about it. And when it comes to this shampoo, we know your pet will love it.


Clean Your Pet in Just 3 Easy Steps

Step One

Apply Pro Pet Works Shampoo

After wetting your pet with warm water, apply the shampoo. Carefully avoid getting it in your pet’s eyes, ears, and nose.

Step Two

Let it Sit For 5 Minutes

Once your pet is covered in shampoo, let it sit for 5 minutes.

Step Three

Rinse Off the Shampoo

Carefully rinse the shampoo off your pet’s coat. Don’t leave any trace of it and remember to dry your pet.After that, you are done! How’s that for quick and easy?

Our Customers Love Pro Pet Works Shampoo


Monica jame

We have a Portuguese Water Dog and I never realised how good this is until I bought another shampoo. Within 3 washes she is covered in mats. This never happened with this shampoo. She did not get one mat.


Mariya gel

Totally natural, a lovely smell, lathers very well. Results stunning - pet's coat shiny, soft and smells beautiful 😃


Mariya gel

We have been using vet prescribed shampoo due to itchy skin on our dog, since using the product he hasn’t had any issues, the shampoo lathers very well and you only need a small amount. The shampoo also has a lovely cherry fragrance. Will continue using this product as it’s definitely cheaper than the prescription shampoo but with equal results.


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