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Poodles are considered to be the best breeds to own as there are extremely sensitive and much attached. Poodle puppies are one of the cutest and eye-catching puppies ever. Their curly coat of fur and their swiftly moving ability makes them a great pet.

Poodles are dogs that are extremely energetic and are very intelligent. They are quick learners and highly responsive. Poodle puppies tend to grab attention and also need a great amount of exercise. They share an amazing equation with kids which makes them cool family pets and easy to handle.

The breed itself is known for its good health that will bring your vet visits to the minimum. Training and obedience is a part and parcel of the breed and make it extremely easy to teach them tricks of the trade. They are highly playful and love to be around other dogs as well. Poodle puppies come in various sizes and they are very athletic. The breed is totally a water animal and is by instinct excelling swimmers.

Poodle puppies are the preferred choice for dog lovers as they shed very less, are small size, and possess sharp intelligence. Having a puppy at home can instantly bring in a lot of positivity and also keep you on your toes, especially if yours is a naughty one.

Scroll down to take a glance at the cutest and very obedient top 40 poodle puppies.

Its time you added a wonder in the form of a Poodle into your family. Bring home a poodle puppy and unveil the happiness.





















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