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What You Should Know Before Buying Your Own Boston Terrier

Popularly known as “American Gentleman” is not a stranger to Americans. Boston Terriers are usually 25 pounds are very much balanced dog short and cute. They have adorable coats styled as “tuxedo” can be of different color white, black, brindle or seal. They have round eyes full of kindness, a square head with a short muzzle, very mischievous and curious.

They are excellent urban pets. They are crowd-pleasures loved to go for walks and outdoor plays. This dog is funny and will make you smile most of the day! A Boston Terrier is a fantastic companion Dog for elders and apartment dwellers.

They can be a couch potato, or a canine athlete dog depends upon the training they received. They are obedient and highly intelligent. The best part about this breed is they shed little and you don’t have to groom them regularly.

Highlights: Americas one of The Most Loved Dogs “Boston Terrier”

ü  They have short coats usually can’t survive in extremely cold weather. It is advised to keep them indoor during rough weather conditions.

ü  They might develop respiratory issues if their collars are pulled out rigorously

ü  They might get concular ulcers because of large eyes.

ü  They can be gassy at times

ü  Thanks to their short nose they drool and snort. If you don’t like snoring dogs, then you should not adopt these ones!

ü  Always monitor their weights, they can be a couch potato if not trained properly

ü  If you decide to house train your dog, then include “crate-training” also.

History and Breeding of Boston Terrier

As per the historic data of U.S. Boston Terrier breed club, the Boston Terrier is purely born, raised and breed in America. In the 1800s, A breeder from Boston named Robert Hooper decided to mix English Bulldog and White English Terrier to breed a dog named “Judge”. This is the founding dog for “Boston Terrier”. They were originally named as” Rounded Head”.

In 1893 they got first recognized by The American Kennel Club. Recently AKC ranked “Boston Terrier as the 21st most popular American Dog. They are very smart and obedient House Dogs. It’s one of the few dogs who are breeds in America. They are the first non-sporting dog breed in America. They are the famous mascots of Wofford College, South Carolina.

 Size and Physician Attributes of “Boston Terrier”

They usually come in two weight classes: Less 15 pounds and Between 15 to 25 pounds

They never look skinny or spindly, they got a sturdy body with big eyes and “tuxedo” collars. Adult Bostons must be less than 25 pounds and the smallest size can be 12 pounds.

Personality Traits of “Boston Terrier”

The Boston Terrier are sweet, enthusiastic and humorous. They like to seek attention. They are snugglers and love to interact with new guests at home. They love bugs and seek love all the time.

The Bostons are excellent with kids and other pets. They are very playful and intelligent. They are easy to train. If they are unsupervised or untrained, they might start to bark or shout. So never leave your dog unattended for a longer period. They have a dapper like appearance and a cool playful personality.

Health and Diseases of “Bostons”

They might develop curvature at back also a structural fault; later in life. They have a sensitive digestive system, because of shortened muzzles they cannot tolerate rough weather conditions.

They can also get affected with corneal ulcers and because of large eyes, they can injure themselves easily when contacting with sands, debris, and sharp objects.

Boston Terrier are known as brachycephalic breeds. The literal meaning in Greek is “Barchy Head” They have tiny nostrils, long palates, and a narrow trachea. Brachycephalic dogs can develop complications with general anesthesia. Bostons usually go through the cesarean section while birthing.

The Common Conditions Found in “Bostons are :

Cataracts, Cherry eye, Patellar Luxation, Heart murmurs, Deafness, Brain tumors, Allergies, Megaesophagus and Reverse sneezing

The Basics of How to Groom a Boston Terrier

They are easy to groom because of their short height and they shed very fewer coats. Brushing weekly with good quality rubber hound mitt is enough to remove dead skin and unhealthy hair.

They never have a bad odor so no need to bath them often. Trimming of toenails weekly is required with basic care like most of the dogs. The rest is basic care like most of the dogs. Don’t forget to brush the teeth regularly.

Boston Terrier Training and Tremraments

They are very much easy to train. Extremely smart, eagerly outgoing and happy little explorers. It’s mandatory to use reinforcement training techniques and to start training at their early life stages.

It’s important not to punish your dog and show affection if they achieve something. There are complaints that they might pull other pets while on the walk so this the reason you should invest your time in their caring and social skills.

Playing with Children And Other Pets

If you are a family with kids, then “Boston Terriers” are the right choice for you. They are liked by kids and enjoy the company of other pets too. They are not that small to get hurt and not too big to hurt your kids!! So, they are ideal for family with apartment living. If you are a cat lover, then you can think to adopt a “Bostons”.

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