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Are you looking for cute Pomsky Puppy? It is a designer breed of dogs with a very interesting history. A few years back someone on social media posted a picture of this mix breed and the whole internet got crazy on those photos, everybody starts calling that mix breed designer puppy as Pomsky.

In 2012, Arizona breeders decided to create a mixed breed and the pictures go viral in the USA. The ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club) has recognized this breed. This designer breed can also be registered through IDCR (International Designer Canine Registry) and ICA (International Canine Association, Inc).

Pomsky likes to be the center of your life. Very apt for apartment living. Many times people fail to understand the needs of a Pomsky. Always consider adopting a Pomsky instead of buying from a breeder.

Highlights of a Designer Breed Dog: Pomsky

  • Pomskies can tolerate cold weather.
  • Pomskies are best for apartment living, very adaptable
  • The Pomeskies coat varies just like their parent breeds of Pomeranian and Siberian husky
  • Pomeskies are needed to socialize at very early age.
  • They are stubborn like Siberian Husky, so they need training like those dogs.

History of Cutest Dog Breed: Pomskies

This history of this dog is not very old, it is created through artificial insemination. This breed is very new. It will take generations of dogs to understands the real characteristics of the Pomsky Dog Breed.

There is no such organization which has recognized Pomsky except “The Pomsky Club of America” is one group which is working hard to recognize this dog breed, but it will take years to find the real traits of this dog breeds.

Size and Attributes of Pomsky Puppy

The sizes of the Pomsky vary. It can be small or mid sizes like its parents’ breed Siberian Husky and Pomeranian. The standard size of the dog has not been formed yet but in most cases, it is seen that a full-grown Pomsky is around 38 pounds.

Personality Traits of Pomsky Puppy

It’s very difficult to predict the behavior of any Pomsky. It solely depends upon its genetic makeup. Since it is a very new breed, no standards set of attributes can be set up yet.

But it’s been observed that Pomsky has the personality traits of Siberian Husky and Pomeranian. They are very playful, friendly, stubborn and intelligent. They are very vocal and talkative. They love to howl and whine.

If you don’t like sound, then do think twice before adopting a Pomsky! They can be adorable and annoying at the same time. It is still an evolving breed, so there are no specific sets of temperaments with proper training and socializing they can be a well-balanced dog. They can be your perfect pup.

Health and Medical Conditions of “Pomsky”

It’s very hard to study the hereditary health issues of a Pomsky puppy because they are a very new breed. Since they are the crossbreeds so there is a possibility they have similar health issues of their parent breeds.

Pomsky puppy needs a dental check-up because Pomeranian has dental problems like build-up plaques etc. Similarly, Siberian Husky have serious eye conditions and hip dysplasia, a Pomsky is very suitable for these diseases.

The best is to keep your dog active with regular exercise, don’t forget to get a regular health check-up. All dogs have health issues, so you need to be cautious and careful.

Feeding Schedules of “Pomsky Puppy”

Pomskies are very energetic and they need a healthy diet. Since it is a very new designer dog, the food standards have not been set up yet. Always seek professional advice before deciding on a feeding schedule of your doggo. Generally, they’ll need a food diet similar to a small or mid-sized dog.

How to Groom and Train a “Pomsky Puppy”

Pomsky puppy has soft double coat which requires daily brushing. The color of the coats can vary just like their parent breeds. They can be of many colors grey and white, brown or reddish-brown, blue, pure white, and so on.

All the owners need to trim nails daily and maintain dental hygiene. They are highly energetic dogs and require daily exercise. If they are not taught to socialize, they can be very destructive and develop behavioral issues.

It is needed to go out for walks and keep them busy with games and plenty of playtimes. All dogs need a high level of workouts in their puppy stage and a hyperactive dog breed of Pomsky needs more training and exercises.

Pomskies are not at all a couch pooch, they are cute and small but very active. So, they need your attention all day! Get ready for that if you are thinking to bring them home.

Pomsky Puppy with Children and Other Pets

Pomsky is meant for young adults, small kids might feel threatened if you don’t train your dog well. They can get along with other animals if trained to socialize in early stages of life, but similar to Husky they have a tendency of scaring small roadside animals like cat, etc

Always Adopt Pomsky Puppy from Rescue Groups

Always considered adopting a puppy instead of purchasing it. There are several rescue groups nationwide to help you with this. Search with local agencies to adopt a Pomsky.


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