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Dogs can teach kids on how to be responsible, compassionate, and cooperative to others. As they say, dogs are the best playmates a kid can have. Before thinking to adopt a puppy always very carefully research on the breeds of dogs, it should match your kid’s temperaments and family lifestyle. There are dogs who are better playmates for older kids, while others have soft nature and moderate energy best suited for little toddlers. How you choose a dog for adoption is solely depends upon your kids’ age group and family earning.

As per the American Kennel Club, there are top 10 dogs best suited for apartment living. Please consider the annual expenses in the maintenance of this little animal. In a whole life span of 15-20 years, the average lifetime expenses on pet care comes around $20,000 which includes food, supplies, and veterinary care. Also organize a schedule for daily walk, feeding and grooming sessions. Your kids will learn plenty of skills by observing the dog in the family.

Here are the 10 best dogs for children and families:

1. Bulldog

If you want a dog who is cool as a cucumber, then go for a “Bulldog”. They are also a perfect lap dog. They tend to relax a lot and usually moves at a slower pace. Unlike herding dogs, they will not go chasing your kids during playtime. They have a stocky build. They are the descendants of ancient Mastiff-type dogs.  

They have pushed in nose, lots of rolls on face and scrunchy eyebrow. They can easily gain a lot of weight so watch their dietary habits and daily walks are a must. They are little and cute. Do not like to move a lot. And you will enjoy cuddling them whenever you want.

2.Bernese Mountain Dog

They are very calm and gentle. Many call them “Gentle giants”. They are easy to train and make great companions. But because of their giant body scale, a tiny apartment is not advisable for their living. They need space to move and run. They have thick and smooth coats. They are perfect “mountain dogs”.


If you are living in a tiny apartment, then pugs are a must to adopt. They are very active and amazing to play with the small kids at home. They need consistent training as they are stubborn and wilful.

They seek companionship. So, you must be very considerate if you are thinking to bring home a “Pug”. Just like a bulldog, you must watch their weight gain as they tend to gain quickly. They have very innocent face and impressions can match just like humans.


4.Boston Terrier

They are very intelligent and full of energy. Though they are smaller in size, also their sturdy built, and lovable nature makes them excellent family pets. They are also known as “American Gentleman” due to their subdue nature.

5. Brussels Griffon

They have high levels of energy and enthusiasm. They originally hail from Belgium. You must train them from a very young age to socialize. Kids love their monkey face and calm demeanor.


Collies are very gentle and predictable in behavior. They rarely misbehave and can be easily trained. This makes them a perfect family dog. They easily become friends with children and protect the family as a watchdog.

The Collies are gentle and stubborn. With the long hair on the coats, they are very attractive looking and require special grooming as well. Raised as a herding dog they are very patients and highly energetic. They come in a wide variety of breeds such as the Border collie and Bearded Collie. If your family is unfamiliar with dogs, then they are perfect to raise.

7. Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is famous as the best family pets. They are slow space hunting dogs. This makes them lazy. Their usual size is 50 to 60 pounds which makes them suitable for apartment living. They are very stubborn and require regular training which can make them calm and quiet.

Kids tend to love them a lot. They are very loyal towards the family which raises them. They are known for their keen sense of “smell”. They have wide eyes and big floppy ears. They might not be quick as Boston Terrier, but they will win your heart with their innocent nature.

8. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever are very prone to weight gains. Many think that they don’t need training, but this is a myth. They need regular physical and mental training to stimulate their sense. If retrieved from this, they might end up showing bad behaviors. They are naturally very friendly and gently towards human families, this makes them a wonderful companion for your little munchkins.

They love to swim and play on the lawn or backyard. The lovable hounds are very amicable with human babies. Also, they are one of the most popular dog breeds in America.

9. Poodle

The Poodles are very smart and gentle despite their distinctive haircuts. They come in miniature as well as standard sizes, so depending on the size of your house you can select the pet size. If your baby has allergies from hair, then poodles are the perfect choice as they shed very little hair.

The standard size breed is very adventurous, smart and playful. Whereas miniature ones are a perfect match to little kids also very responsive and obedient. But you should regularly groom them. They are often bored if not well cared for.

10. Golden Retriever

Undoubtedly Golden Retriever is one of the most quintessential family dogs. They are the most popular among Americans. They are very smart, easy to train and friendly. They can bond easily with any members of the family. Even strangers can become their playmates. Highly intelligent and calm. With proper training, attention and social life they can be an inherent part of the family.

As per the records of American Kennel Clubs, the most adopted dog breeds of all times are “Golden Retriever”. They could play with the owners and kids for hours. They are known for their bravery and gallantry. They need to be trained properly, you must keep them busy in activities like swimming, running, playing, etc. In return, you will get a silly companion full of life and hope.


Other popular dog breeds in the USA

The most popular 10 family dog breed are listed above but if you are interested in other varieties then there are plenty of options available such as  

  • Beagles: They are the cute and lovable pup and great escape artist. Happens to keep you busy with their cute acts all day long, suitable for apartment living.
  • Irish setter: They are the showstoppers and the most athletic dogs. They will motivate you for long walks.
  • Brussels Griffon is the smallest dog in the market available today. They are very loyal and possess a large personality compare to their body size.
  • Bischon Frise: They are very amiable in behavior. Very fluffy and adorable. The bonus point is that they have very low shedding, perfect for household living.
  • German Shephard: They are famous as watchdogs. But if you adopt them as a pup then they are the most rewarding pet for your family. They are bulky and big but if adopted and trained in early life they can be a good option as family pets too.

Always select a dog based on the personalities of your family members. Because each dog has specific personality traits. Choosing one for your home is a big decision, so you need to do complete research. Many families adopt pet dogs, but after some time because of lack of training, they find difficult to match the energies of the dogs. So, if you are looking for a playmate who will inspire about life then only go for adoption.

There are so many shelters all over the country which can help you find one. There are care expenses associated with the cute beast, so accordingly plan your stuff. Don’t forget to reference books and websites like for more daily updates and suggestion.

Dogs are just like humans. If you feed them well, they will be healthy and will not fall sick. Go for dog insurance if you are opting to buy an older dog. They are an addition to your family. So, keep them close to your heart just like your kids.

Toddlers and older kids can learn a lot from their pets. It is advised by doctors that every baby should learn to interact with pets especially dogs. This improves their learning and motor skills. Dogs as family pets are most lovable and amicable. Once you get used to their silly acts, you can never come out of that bonding.

Be wise and adopt a pet today! you will gain a friend for life!

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